Vintage Charm and Old Fashion Furniture

Walk around any home furnishing showroom and you get lots of ideas. Usually very, very expensive ideas.
The displays encourage you to make the most of your home with furnishings, whether you have a modest abode or a roomy one. People usually go home from a showroom with one overpriced flowerpot and the sinking feeling that properly decking out their pad is going to cost thousands.

The way to get the right decor at the right price is to take some inspiration from hotel rooms rather than showrooms.

A room well groomed in an hotelIf you visit a hotel, you will notice that they have lots of quirky furniture and fittings. It’s clear that these items aren’t the antiques they’re presented as since there is a good chance of wear, tear and outright breakage.
Looking at higher end hotels, there is a use of bigger items as stand out features in the rooms. A large eagle looming over the bath for example. Go up a tier to the top hotels and you see furniture being used in quirky ways such as mini bars in the wardrobe or a polished mangle for a towel rack.

Since hotels are businesses, it’s clear that they’ve achieved this brilliant, lavish décor for the lowest going rate.

Visit a showroom for these items and each room would be costing into the thousands.

These items will have been carefully sourced at the best possible price probably using an exhaustive list of contacts.
If you have the time and inclination to trudge round all the various antique and furniture shops around in search of a bargain you might get a similar result, but is there an easier way?

The good news is that hotels rarely keep these lavish items more than a few years, they want to change with the trends and refresh their décor. Locate your nearest hotel furnishings liquidator to find these cast-off items. These items won’t just be furniture but TVs, gym equipment or picture frames. Some items may be damaged; some may be barely touched.

Use this insider information well and you can deck out your home in top class decor for a fraction of the price.