5 Trendy Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Clutter can be a killer.

We have all likely experienced such a situation with a friend or family member, seen the TV show, “Hoarders,” or maybe even live among uncontrolled clutter in our homes. Hopefully, most people do not live in perilous circumstances, but it far more widespread than many of us might realise.

I, for one, have experienced the deaths of three core family members in the last year and lived through cleaning out their residences. If cleaning out the estates of Depression Era family members does not hone your minimalist instincts, nothing will prove more convincing.

That being said, here are some trendy tips for decluttering your home.

1. Re-Home an Item Every Day

ordering your papers is a good place to start

Ordering your papers is a good place to start

Make a goal to get rid of 1 item every day. Whether you donate it, sell it, give it away, or throw it out, commit to letting go of 1 item each day. If you make and keep this goal, you will have re-homed nearly 200 items in 6 months and almost 400 items over the course of a year.

2. One Bag at a Time

Grab a trash bag–preferably a large one–and start filling it. Whether it is trash or a bag for Goodwill, work towards decluttering your home one bag at a time.

You will be amazed by the results in no time!

3. To-Do List Challenge

Construct a list of rooms or areas in your home to declutter. It is wise to start with the easiest spot and go from there. Once you have finished with one area on your list, stop for the day. This list will help keep you on task and can be easily modified or adapted for difficulty. It can also be amended for any schedule or individual’s hectic lifestyle. Just challenge yourself to make the to-do list and start chipping away at it.

4. Fun With Numbers

messy wardrobe equals messy life

Messy wardrobe equals messy life

This trendy tip can be implemented in various ways. For instance, pick a number and try wearing only that number of articles of clothing for over a specific period. For example, select 44 articles of clothing and wear only those items over a 4-week period. If this does not work for you, adjust the rules as needed.

The main purpose of this exercise is to challenge yourself to live as a minimalist and see what you learn in the process. Another use of this tool would involve selecting a number and locating that number of items to give away, the same number of items to donate, to throw away, and the same number of items to be returned to their original home.

5. Use Visualization Techniques to Improve Results

If you have an area that is particularly cluttered and difficult to tackle, try employing visualisation techniques to help move things along. Try imagining the items cleared away and a re-birth to the open space that is left behind. This tip can help motivate your efforts and keep things on track.

Bottom line: Do not let clutter win the day…
Live to declutter another day!